‘Everything that is done in this world is done by hope.’ – Martin Luther King

I am a qualified psychotherapist working with a relational approach using Transactional Analysis. I work with adult individuals and couples. My work is bound by the ethics of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and  IARTA. Both of which I am a member.

I have a newly relocated practice in Valencia, Spain. The experience of moving country and the changes involved can be challenging, therapy can support and ease the transition. Having worked for many years in multi-national corporate sales and marketing around the world, I carry a deep respect and awareness for differences of culture, identity and belief, and an acute sense of the inherent, intricate uniqueness of every individual.

I believe that the relationship between therapist and client is key, and research has shown that the right ‘fit’ is more important to the success of therapy than any other factor. The professional, respectful and non-judgemental space this creates supports clients to explore their emotions, behaviours and patterns without judgement or repercussions, gain new self-understanding and begin to align their lives with what they truly want.

As an older mother who wrestled with emotional, clinical, practical and social challenges to have a child comparatively late in life, I also offer fertility coaching and group work for women of all ages.