Transcend doubt, stigma and lack of support and find the best way forward for you.

After six difficult and often painful years trying to conceive and facing trials including miscarriage and IVF, I became a mother at 50. I know first-hand the setbacks, stigma, shame and lack of support that, beyond biology, make a stressful and lonely journey even harder than it needs to be.

Today, I offer one-to-one coaching/therapy for women of all ages who struggle with any aspect of fertility – from ‘older’ motherhood to miscarriage to the stresses of assisted pregnancy treatments. I also help women experiencing anxiety about their fertility or guilt and uncertainty over whether to parent.

Are you frustrated and angry you’ve been unable to get or stay pregnant? Do you lack friends or family who empathise with your concerns? Do you feel ashamed to try for a baby comparatively late in life? Do people tell you you’re crazy to consider it?

I lived through the disapproval, doubt, exaggerated risks and physical and emotional struggles that surround challenged fertility over six years that included miscarriage, IVF, egg donation and lesser-known methods such as reproductive immunology.

My child made it all worthwhile, but even before he was born I promised myself I would combine my experience and the specialist clinical and practical knowledge it taught me with my skills as a qualified psychotherapist to support women facing situations like mine. And the vast number of heartfelt responses and requests for advice I received after I shared my story in The Guardian confirmed what I had discovered – that far too little empowering, in-person help exists.

Even difficult fertility journeys are made far less daunting with understanding, clinical knowledge and informed practical support. I offer all of these in a non-judgemental, confidential space, either at my central Valencia premises or online, where clients can honestly explore their most private concerns and receive expert support in choosing and pursuing what is best for them.

‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way.’ – Anonymous