In ancient Rome, Februarius was the “Month of Purification.” Festivities were held to re-establish the empire’s focus on righteous living. To me, this idea of devoting a month to the process of purification is invigorating.

This time of year offers us something. Aside from the obvious more commercial symbols of February like Valentine’s Day, it can be a time of reflection and change. Following on from my first post of this year, there is an opportunity to cleanse our minds of clutter which can often appear in the form of repetitive thoughts and worries. These take up valuable space in our minds that once removed can allow for new thoughts, ideas, and ways of being to enter.

How to begin this process? Become curious. What are the repeating patterns of beliefs about yourself and others that do not serve your higher purpose? Can you identify them for yourself? If the answer is yes, this may be a good time to begin writing about them. A few sentences a day, no more. Knowing what it is we want to clear out and what we want to keep is as important for our mind as it is for our home with our material possessions.

Cleansing for the mind can be supported through a practice of meditation. A way to reconnect daily with our bodies and to set our intentions. Meditation does not require any fancy equipment or space. It needs only 10 minutes of focused thought and breathing wherever you find yourself. Focusing only on the inward and outward breath can calm and cleanse the system to prepare for whatever may lie ahead that day.

February offers us a time of purification. Finding beauty in the colder months, the stillness and the darker days provide a backdrop for our intentional clearing out. Seeking to keep what serves us and allowing ourselves to let go of those things that don’t. Simply considering and reflecting on this process is a start. Asking yourself to be open to the idea is often the first step. Wait. And see what unfolds…