As the calendar year draws to a close, our minds tend to look back before looking forward. It is a time of reflection on a set of twelve months, 365 days that held great promise and mystery in January. There are so many questions we can ask ourselves not only now but at any time of the year which support introspection and foster deeper self-awareness and growth.
Where do I find myself as this year ends? It is always a choice. How will I decide to frame the events of the past year? Do I see myself as a participant in all that life has thrown at me or as a victim? Did I seek to grow in the areas that cause me difficulties, or did I look to apportion blame? Where did I do well in this time? Where did I let myself and perhaps others down? It’s important that we give ourselves a chance to make peace with the past before we move forward into our future. Soothing the places inside of us that feel hurt or disappointed not only with others but often with ourselves too. Acceptance of how we are, how others are is a big part of the ongoing challenge to live in the present and not regret what has come before or fear what might be around the corner.

Having a vision for how we see the year to come can be a powerful way of manifesting our hopes and dreams. Setting aside some time around the winter solstice and creating a vision board for yourself or in the company of others is a powerful physical reminder of how we envision the coming year.

Simple vision boards use images, drawings, and words, ripped from magazines and newspapers which speak to the conscious and unconscious parts of us. Seeing the photo collage of images throughout the year, hanging somewhere we see it each day, connects us back to the reasons why we do what we do and dream what we dream.

Here’s to a vision of bountiful emotion, health and personal growth for the coming year….