I was reminded recently of the importance of being able to let go. How important trust is when letting go, particularly trusting ourselves. Thoughts, feelings, possessions, many of these will all be let go at some point so why not let them go when we know they no longer support us being the best version of ourselves? It is interesting to notice how we can become comfortable with the uncomfortable, simply because it is familiar. That does not make it good for us, does it? Pleasing others is a noble and a feel-good intention only if we use it genuinely, not to manipulate or control others to define our own sense of ourselves. Letting go the deeper feelings of needing to please offers spiritual freedom and creates space for new energy and new opportunities. The same goes for internal punitive thoughts and dialogue. We wouldn’t speak to others as harshly as we speak to ourselves, would we? So why not let go?

This also becomes clear when getting rid of material possessions that are no longer needed or useful. So many items are attached to deeper, unconscious feelings about what the items represent and the meaning we give them. Sometimes letting go, giving away or donating items, even those that make us feel a slight pang at the thought of saying goodbye, help us to simplify our environment and often bring more clarity and transparency to our lives. Clutter and disorganisation can often create unnecessary stress, and I am not talking here about temporary messiness. Taking time to clear a favourite workspace, thoughtfully planning how you want it to look and feel, can offer a great sense of power and pride. The act of letting go can offer us experiences of growth and expansion, it is up to us to release our grasp and trust that in doing so we gift ourselves a new opening of possibility.